I am a sound artist and musician working out of Manchester, the city where I was raised and have spent the vast majority of my life. My work often incorporates electronics as I manipulate circuitry into sound based sculptures. I use a lot of sourced and found material and am active in the practice of field recordings.

As well as my practice as an artist I run two record labels. The first, Baptists & Bootleggers, is a non-profit publishers of art, literature and music. It is run as a funding based organisation, using what funding we are awarded to create releases which incorporate elements of art, literature and music and often bring together numerous artists to work together. The finished releases are given away for free. The second label, Sacred Tapes, is a cassette only label focusing on releasing experimental music and highlighting the noise scene in Manchester. Elements of these two roles has inevitable bled into my artistic practice with cassette tapes and hand made packaging becoming more apparent in recent bodies of work.


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